Sunday, October 26, 2008

Black Lodge Singers - Mickey Mouse

When Walt Disney arrived on the Mayflower, he quickly made an out of sorts "friend" with an indian named Squanchy (his name means "man who acts like manly woman"); a very unorthodox companionship for the times. Walt taught Squanchy the traditional european ways of masturbating bull dogs in order to bring good luck from Satan. Squanchy always returned the favor to Walt, giving him jewelry made of dried poop and body hair, as well as body grease, a traditional method used to relieve pain in the toes. Until one day in 1812, when Walt was overseeing the enslaved workers who were building the monorail in Orlando, he was presented with a piece of native american music written to honor him for being the first white person to ever have sex with a native american by choice (of course this excludes rape). Available for download is a version of the composition written by Squanchy and performed by a group called "The Black Lodge Singers". This group consists of the children Walt Disney had with 5 different native american women.


Anonymous said...

what the funk? i'll take it

L train said...

so strange and interesting. i want to read more. do you know the lyrics to this song?