Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sun Ra - Nuits De La Fondation Maeght, Volume 1

Just look at the sexy African-American badass sitting at that Moog. He is Ra, god of more than the Sun; for he is also god of my heart. Accredited to him, every beat and palpating flutter dispersing an entire armies worth of adrenaline and endorphine; Bullets of pleasure in a war with silence traveling through my veins in super sonic rhythm. He is with me right now, teasing my heart into such acts as (1)making my pp cry tears of ecstacy (2)coloring my skin, tones much more exciting than white (3)emptying my tear ducts, the roots of which tickle my soul; he will never leave me. For him I write poetry, nearly every waking hour, contemplating my man. Here is an example ...

He calls to me across the universe
Night winds carry his song
They float on the breeze and through my windows
Falling gently upon my ears
- Hush -
I hear him now.

He calls to me from the heavens
Glittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyes
When he looks at me, I am consumed by the fire
OH I see him now.

He calls to me through my dreams
Dancing together in the shadows of my sleep
Where we laugh and love once again
I am in his arms
I feel him now.

Sun Ra calls to me
Every moment of every day
Distance couldn't keep us apart
When destiny drew us together
I'll hold him for eternity
As long as he keeps calling.

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