Sunday, October 26, 2008

Black Lodge Singers - Mickey Mouse

When Walt Disney arrived on the Mayflower, he quickly made an out of sorts "friend" with an indian named Squanchy (his name means "man who acts like manly woman"); a very unorthodox companionship for the times. Walt taught Squanchy the traditional european ways of masturbating bull dogs in order to bring good luck from Satan. Squanchy always returned the favor to Walt, giving him jewelry made of dried poop and body hair, as well as body grease, a traditional method used to relieve pain in the toes. Until one day in 1812, when Walt was overseeing the niggers who were building the monorail in Orlando, he was presented with a piece of native american music written to honor him for being the first white person to ever have sex with a native american by choice (of course this excludes rape).

Available for download is a version of the composition written by Squanchy and performed by a group called "The Black Lodge Singers". This group consists of the children Walt Disney had with 5 different native american women.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Make conscious the subconscious.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sun City Girls - Montreal Pop

This LP contains some of the more magical moments of a SCG show at the Montreal Suoni Per Popolo festival in June 2004. It appears to be recorded from the soundboard and the fidelity is excellent and some of the material is unbelievably FUCKED! We couldn't have done it better ourselves!

"A fabulous recording captured from the soundboard and broadcast quality. Perhaps the best representation of the more modern period of this band live, craziness, crowd heckling and talk of killing children, what more could one want." — Forced Exposure
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Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle

"... Song Cycle ... attempts to embrace the breadth of American popular music; smooth jazz, pop, rap/rock -- nothing escapes Parks' radar..." - Lindley Armstrong Jones

Song Cycle is a 1981 genre spanning album by Van Dyke Parks, known for its high ambition, gigantic budget for the era (it is still one of the most expensive albums ever made allowing for inflation), and subsequent low sales. Song Cycle has been quoted as being Queen Elizabeth's favorite album.

Van Dyke Parks (born January 3, 1969)is an American record producer, rapper, actor, men's fashion designer, entrepreneur and dancer. He won three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. His clothing line earned a Council of Fashion Designers of America award. His music career spans six decades, and he has worked with luminaries from Grace Kelly to the Beach Boys and the Byrds, and recently, Mudvayne and Toby Keith.

**In response to the poor sales of the record after its release (despite some rave critical reviews), Warner Bros. Records ran full page newspaper and magazine advertisements that said they "lost $35,509 on 'the album of the year' (damnit)." The ad said that those who actually purchased the album had likely worn their copies out by playing it over and over, and suggested that listeners send in worn out copies to Warner Bros. in return for two new copies, including one "to educate a friend with." ((What a great idea from a company that has turned to shit!!))

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Sun Ra - Nuits De La Fondation Maeght, Volume 1

Just look at the sexy African-American badass sitting at that Moog. He is Ra, god of more than the Sun; for he is also god of my heart. Accredited to him, every beat and palpating flutter dispersing an entire armies worth of adrenaline and endorphine; Bullets of pleasure in a war with silence traveling through my veins in super sonic rhythm. He is with me right now, teasing my heart into such acts as (1)making my pp cry tears of ecstacy (2)coloring my skin, tones much more exciting than white (3)emptying my tear ducts, the roots of which tickle my soul; he will never leave me. For him I write poetry, nearly every waking hour, contemplating my man. Here is an example ...

He calls to me across the universe
Night winds carry his song
They float on the breeze and through my windows
Falling gently upon my ears
- Hush -
I hear him now.

He calls to me from the heavens
Glittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyes
When he looks at me, I am consumed by the fire
OH I see him now.

He calls to me through my dreams
Dancing together in the shadows of my sleep
Where we laugh and love once again
I am in his arms
I feel him now.

Sun Ra calls to me
Every moment of every day
Distance couldn't keep us apart
When destiny drew us together
I'll hold him for eternity
As long as he keeps calling.

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Sein Chit Ti - New Arrangements for Hsaing Ensemble (Burma)

Although outlawed in nearly all countries today, forms of slavery still exist in some parts of the world, such as Burma. Historically in Burma, most slaves were captured in wars or kidnapped in isolated raids, but some persons were sold into slavery by their parents, or by themselves, as a means of surviving extreme conditions. Most slaves were born into that status, to parents who were enslaved. The dominant group in an area might take captives and turn them into slaves with little fear of suffering the like fate. It is not uncommon for average everyday families to own a slave or two; they are cheap as dirt to acquire and they are treated as such.

Burmese slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase, or birth, and are deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to receive compensation (such as wages) in return for their labor; often as musicians in large slave ensembles. As such, the Burmese music industry is growing at a staggering rate!

*The slave owner or grand master, sits in the center of the circle with his whip

Sein Chit Ti is the grand master (owner) of the Hsaing Ensemble, the name means "hanging circle" a reference to the drum-circle ceremony to the god of death "patt waing" in which a slave is offered to the gods at the end of the ceremony. This is a recording of such a ceremony; no titles were included in the original cassette. A Field Recording by Robert Garfias ("For fear of poor performance and angering the "patt waing" I didn't feed any of the slaves .... plus I was bloody hungry myself!")

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(09.08.2007) Jackie-O Motherfucker - Live at MFNW

Led by Tom Greenwood, these masters of psychedelic improv can produce anything from sleepy folk to explosive prog on a given day, but last Saturday at Towne Lounge they went with their classic, standard mode of wandering, dream-gospel. Greenwood stood shaking maracas before taking a seat, manning his guitar and effects pedals, and reading from new lyrics scrawled on loose pieces of paper, not out of his usual notebook. Then a very strange thing happened. Greenwood led his tribe into a song. The four musicians performed “Hey Mr. Sky” off the critically acclaimed 2005 album Flags of the Sacred Harp. Fans seated on the floor exchanged mystified glances and drank in the rare opportunity to hear Jackie-O play a song they knew by heart. -HARP

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(09.02.2007) The Sea Donkeys - Live at Halleluwah Festival

The Sea Donkeys (known performers include; Hisham Mayet and Robert Millis) live at Holocene in Portland, Oregon. Link in Comments.

(09.02.2007) Master Musicians of Bukkake - Live at Halleluwah Festival

Master Musicians of Bukkake w/ Special Guest Damo Suzuki (for one song). Live at Holocene - Portland, Oregon. Link in Comments.