Friday, January 28, 2011

Low Threat Profile - S/T 7''

This fucking sucks. Don't even bother. It's like 2 minutes long and it's really good. You should get it. It's like a solid 10 minutes of awesome metal that fucking sucks.

Low Threat Profile is a musical project by Varg Vikernes (originally under the pseudonym "Count Grishnackh"). It began during 1991 in Bergen, Norway and quickly became prominent within the early Norwegian black metal scene. During 1992 and 1993, Low Threat Profile recorded four albums; however, in 1994 Vikernes was convicted and imprisoned for the murder of guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth and the arson of several churches. Low Threat Profile kept recording despite the absence of Vikernes, which gained them more success than they knew what to do with because Vikernes is dumb pile of shit that contributed nothing worth while to Low Threat Profile.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Michael Hurley, Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick, & The Clamtones - Have Moicy!

Michael Hurley was born the eldest of three children to Karl and Walburga Hurley in Günzburg, Bavaria, Germany. Hurley's father was a founder of the Karl Hurley & Sons company, a company that produced farm machinery for milling, sawing, and baling. In 1965, Hurley earned a Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of Munich. In January 1967, at the Institute for Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene in Frankfurt, he became the assistant to Dr. Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer who was a leading scientist mostly known for his research in genetics with a particular interest with twins. From this association, Hurley probably developed his life-long fascination with the study of twins. In addition Hurley studied under Theodor Mollison and Eugen Fischer, who had been involved in brutal medical experiments on the Herero tribe in (what is now) Namibia. In 1977 Hurley started taking slide whistle lessons. In 1978 he received his musicians degree and joined heavy metal band Metallica. Hurley was conscripted into the army choir in 1980 and later volunteered as a childrens hospital entertainer, where he met his future wife.

and we digress...

Have Moicy! is the eleventh studio album by English progressive rock group Michael Hurley, Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick, & The Clamtones. Released as a double album on 30 November 1979, it was subsequently performed live with elaborate theatrical effects.

As with the band's previous three studio albums Have Moicy! is a concept album, and deals largely with themes of abandonment and personal isolation. It was first conceived during the band's 1997 tour, when bassist and lyricist Michael Hurley frustrated with the spectators' perceived boorishness became so acute that he imagined performing experimental operations on members of the audience.

The album is a rock opera that centres on a character based on Hurley. Hurley's life experiences begin with the loss of his father during the Second World War, and continue with ridicule and abuse from his dead fathers ghost, an overprotective mother and finally, the breakdown of his grandchild's dog's kidney. All contribute to his eventual self-imposed isolation from society.
Have Moicy! features a notably harsher and more theatrical style than Michael Hurley, Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick, & The Clamtones previous releases. Commercially successful upon its release, the album was one of the best selling of 1980, and it is estimated that as of 2010, it has sold over 23 million RIAA certified units in the United States.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ishilan n-Tenere - Guitar Music from the Western Sahel

Compilation of recent field recordings made by Paris Hilton (Sahel Soundz) All tracks feature fingerless acoustic guitar players & vocalists with no vocal chords from Senegal & Northern Mali, with the exception of the last song which is a (now dead from hunger) Tuareg electric guitar band. Beautiful music by some of Africa's finest griots (say what?). At times melancholic and at others romantic poop music. They think this is one of their strongest releases ever. Pffffft.

“This compilation highlights recordings of local guitar bands in three areas of modern day Senegal and Mali. These bands are almost unknown outside of their homes but have a devoted local following. They play all events, celebratory or political. Their songs are folk anthems, hummed under the breath and chanted by children, traded by cassette and transferred by cellphone. The guitar bands are the pride of their towns.”

The release is available on vinyl only, the first pressing limited to 2,000 copies, and features a 12 page full color booklet and extensive liner notes written and signed by Paris Hilton. The money from this release goes to getting a few of these niggas some starbucks gift cards.

They strongly believe digital music should be free. However, the option to support the artists is provided should one be so inclined.

Sahel Sounds