Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zolar X - Timeless

Introduce Me To 10 Ladies And I Pay You Cash For Your Time

Here’s an utterly new, easy way for honest men and women to make money, and also the strangest offer we ever heard of. Just introduce me to 10 ladies and say 20 magic words and this million-dollar company will pay you cash. No need to sell a single thing. This is the revolutionary new plan of the famous business genius— C. W. Van De Mark—the wizard who has already put more than 25,000 men and women on the road to prosperity. “Conservative” business leaders called Van “crazy” for making this radical cash pay agreement. They said it would ruin “conservative” traditions. Cooler heads called it a master stroke that would boost prosperity. For Van will now actually pay you a cash penalty if you don’t make at least $15 the very first day.

No Need To Sell Anything, To Get Your Cash Pay

Now Van himself reveals the sensational truth: Countless housewives have learned that they can make big savings on our amazing bargain offers. So in almost no time the sale of our products has expanded almost to the “bursting” point. Now we must hurry and employ 1100 more local men and women to take care of regular customers in each town. Time must not be wasted! Orders must be filled quick! Customers must not be kept waiting! Big money for our representatives means nothing to us from now on! To save time I now offer every honest man and woman steady work and will pay cash for just a few hours of their spare time. You don’t need to sell anything to get this cash pay.

I Pay You a Cash Penalty If You Don’t Make Big Money From The First Day

JUST say 20 magic words to 10 ladies a day—20 secret words that have proven almost magical money-getters for over 25,000 of my “partners”. I not only pay you an actual cash penalty if your first 10 calls do not give you a good profit—I go farther! I even give you 50% profit on every order my customers give you. So what is to stop you from making as high as $35.00 in a day like some of my other partners? I don’t let you risk one penny. To show you that I handle big things in a big way, I will send you $13.00 (retail value) worth of my products right out of stock to start you. Don’t send a cent for this daring offer—just rush coupon. Maybe you think this is just ordinary work. But don’t be mistaken. If you treat me fairly, I’ll set you up in a business of your own. I’ll tell you a priceless secret that will get others to make money for you. Right now I promise to help you toward ending your money worries forever, and I am known to 25,000 partners as the man who always keeps his promises. If up to $15 in a day will end your money worries, then mail the application below right now for this astonishing cash pay offer. Start in spare time if you wish. If you are a married woman, you can surely devote a few spare hours a day. My plan is a funny one. Some of my women “partners” have actually made more money in a single day than their husbands make.

Send No Money
I need 1100 more “partners” quick to start on my daring new Cash Pay plan. This announcement will probably “upset” the nation. Untold thousands will apply for these openings. If you delay, it may be too late. Right now—mail the employment Application below for this daring Cash Pay plan, offer of $13.00 worth of my goods (retail value) and the 20 secret words that may mean a fortune to you. Send no money. Just application. This is not an order. You de not pay anything for this offer. Nothing will be sent C.O.D. Curtis W. Van De Mark, President, The Health-O Quality Products Co., Dept. 2034-GG, Health-O Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Curtis W. Van De Mark, President The Health-O Quality Products Co. Dept. 2034-GG, Health-O Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dear Van: I hereby apply for opening as “partner” in my town to start on your new cash pay agreement. Send offer of $13.00 worth of products (retail value) and written guarantee. Also tell me how I can get cash pay introducing you to 10 ladies and saying the 20 magic words that make fortunes. This is not an order—send nothing C. O. D. I risk nothing. I want $……..per hour.

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